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Domain trading is one of the most lucrative online money making schemes, With a little bit of information, patience and perseverance it can be turned into a viable income generating prospect. For people who just use the internet to retrieve information domain trading may be a nouvelle concept however there are many individuals and even professional establishments that are making a good deal of money by trading domains.

Domain Name Speculation and the ability to earn an income from the Domains you own are the essence of turning a small investment into a huge income generating business.

Why Domain Name Trading?

Very small upfront costs

Potential for huge returns

Easy learning curve

Be part of a hugely growing industry

- Ecommerce Journalhttp://ecommerce-journal.com/articles/15087_make_money_online_from_domain_trading

Main stages of your business development



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I have set this site up as a guide for Domain Name Newbies. I have undergone the whole process of learning how to earn an income through Domain Names and wanted to pass on some of what I have learnt. On this site I am making references to a number of web sites that I use in my process of finding, registering and earning an income from those domains and I would like to point out that I receive no benefits for doing so, they are just the ones I have used - there are a lot more out there.

Yes there are some Google adds on this site but they are my “tenants” and not necessarily my recommendations.

- Brett Watson